True love is sharing Biriyani Aloo - On fingerlicking good Kolkata Biriyani

Aritra Das Sarma

Well, Kolkata might be known for its juicy 'Hilsa' and 'Bhetki' Fishes, mouth-watering 'Misti Doi' and enticing 'Nolen Gurer Rasogollas' ,but if you didn't try its Biriyani then dear one, you have half- visited the city of joy! Its sheer injustice to your taste buds if you have come to Kolkata and not tasted its unconventional variety of Biriyani .Kolkata Biriyani is not as spicy as its Hyderabadi or Sindhi counterparts but its pure and simple taste is just savoury enough to keep you hooked to it for the rest of your life! What's so special about Kolkata Biriyani? The Biriyani Masala consists of nutmeg ,mace ,bay leaves cumin, cardamon and ,cinnamon like regular spices. Rose Water ,Meeth Ator and Saffron are added for its colour and flavour. The flavoursome Biriyani has its meat perfectly minced and adequately cooked . But the showstopper is a non- glamourous vegetable , otherwise taken for granted...none other than Mister Potato! History says in 1856 after banishment from Lucknow (Awadh ) by British when Nawab Wajid Ali Khan came to Metiabruz,in Calcutta ,he had brought his 'Bawarchis' and 'Khanshamas' with him who finding Nawab's financial condition to be not so rich opted for potatoes along with meat in large scale preparations . However some historians do not agree to the fact and say Potato brought by Dutch in 1830s ,was added because by then it was a popular and well accepted vegetable all over west Bengal. Manzilat Fatima ,granddaughter of Nawab Wajid Ali Khan has herself shared the Awadhi Biriyani recipe many a times in different Television shows . The Great Aloo of Kolkata Biriyani has a gooey taste which you would cherish and relish once you put in in your mouth. Arlsalan ,Aminia ,Zeeshan,Royal Indian Hotel,Rahamania are the top favourites of Calcuttans when it comes to devour the luscious food. Along with good spices and expert cooking its unadulterated love with which Kolkata Biriyani is made! Even for vegetarians minus the meat ...Aloo Biriyani would be a sure shot hit! There's a story goes...Once a couple went to eat the best Biriyani of town...They were late and thereby get only one plate. The boy asks the girl to share the potato with him..She smiled and said "I can give my heart to you but not my Biriyani Aloo" The boy replied " True love is sharing Biriyani Aloo" They burst into laughter and divided into two halves . Even half a piece was enough to multiply their joy and love by many more times!