Leena Tambde

I love to travel.
And the reason being is that its a stressbuster for me. For lot of people traveling is a passion and l can understand why, its for the happiness inside oneself…
I think in today's stressful lifestyle everyone should take a break from daily vigorous routine and go to a trip.
On a journey….
A journey which shows you new you, where you meet yourself.
Journey of new perspectives, new experiences and refreshment.
A journey in which you feel you belong here,in your own world, where there is a new way to look at life.
Its a stress-free zone, where you are a boss with your own rules and own ways.
Travelling teaches you a lot right from the management to the advancement about being better every time.
Travelling across the places makes you learn different cultures and traditions of the places and makes you meet different people.
Wherever you go be it beaches, hill station or shrine happiness and satisfaction will be in your way.
This is your journey in search of peace and happiness.