A boon or a bane?

Yashi mahendra

Today while writing this on my table in this glistening morning of cold wind out and the comfort zone of being in my warm room with a cup of coffee in the hand I noticed a beautiful yellow butterfly outside my window Since the window was closed so she sat on the cemented wall under it. I gradually opened my windows to come in and warm herself, but due to some fear of mine she flew away. This incident have me an idea of this post. Most of us have winters as our favourite season. Being in warm blankets , eating peanuts and listening to music through my earphones. Well these are all my favourite. Hope yours too. But how many of us have wondered about our surroundings out? Those speechless birds and animals out who painfully bear the cold winds?? So the question here arises that are winters a boon or a bane? Where winters enjoy the privilege of being alls’ favourite season but,on the other hand it is difficult for many poors to sustain their life. So many farmers are able to grow the seasonal crops like paddy and maize , but it is extremely dangerous for birds and animals to be outside. For many of us who love to skii or travelling winters are a boon. But for all those who are poor and needy and those animals it is a bane. The flights and trains are usually delayed due to heavy sheet of fog outside. The accidents are prone. But those snowflakes which adorn the beauty of the nature by slightly resting on the tree leaves and the ground, winters are a boon. Anything it is,no worries, but it is winters coming up(in India) and the time to welcome them whole heartedly. So everyone take care of your self from that catchy col and enjoy yourself until and unless I am back next week with my another post. Till then stay tuned, happy reading!!!!