Yashi mahendra

A person who loves nights is usually a nyctophille. And the love of nights is nyctophilia. This time I would love to share my thoughts on nyctophille, nyctophilia and nyctophobia. I am a lover of darkness. Feel pleasure in being in darkness. I love nights. The beautiful reason of loving nights is that I am a lover of stars. I am proud to say that I am a nyctophille. My characteristic of loving nights i.e. nyctophilia is what most of the people love in me. Go in the depth of the beautiful dark night…. try to understand what it is trying to convey to you. Its dark because it’s alone… it’s dark because it has a lot of pain in it. A lonely Soul which is so dark in its thoughts can only understand the feelings of that dark night. Even in the presence of those beautiful scenic stars and that moon which looks like a Wolf the night is not happy because it can not reach to their presence. Those stars can’t share that sky’s sorrow it’s grief, It’s pain so are we… even being in this large beautiful world. Everyone is lost in his/ her own thoughts. Everyone is enjoying the technology. Being physically present in this large place no one is to share anyone’s thoughts, their pain, their grief… are we so selfish like that of stars?? Stars can’t share the nights pain… they are like lost heavenly bodies in that dark night. Are we too?? The night is the beautiful gift of nature. Try to understand its feelings, it’s sorrow. It will convey a lot to you only if you tend to hear to it. Just be an alone soul for a day…. be in dark…. you would definitely love it….