He was working with more speed
On that day as he had to go earlier. 
He had already bought a gift for her
A pair of beautiful earrings. 
'She would love it' He thought. 
And it was the time when he should
Be at home according to his promise. 
So he went to the boss and said: 
'Sir, I want to take your leave for today. '
'What? But why? It's too early! '
'I know sir, but I have to go now, 
I have to keep my promises.'
'Oh! But what about the unfinished work? '
'Sir, I will be here tomorrow before my time
And will sit here until everything is done. '
'All right. In that case, I won't mind then.'
'Thank you, sir'
And finally he reached home at decided time
'Happy birthday darling! & here is your gift..'
Unwrapping the gift she said: 
'Oh papa! Thank you so much, 
it's my favorite earrings'