India - Pakistan


It's not about war but
It is always about warlike situation
Between two Nations.. 

India has always treated it well
Even after these terrorism incidents
Happened frequently! 

It has always helped this nation
Just like it helps all other Nations
And I think even more than that.. 

But that doesn't mean india will always 
Behave in that calm and typical manner
This is enough for being good now.. 

et's not take it as religious matter
Take it as national problem
And take such tremendous action that
Terrorists may fear of doing this again!

Let's not play the blame game and
Take a stand for whatever happening
This is not time to pay condolences
This is time to let the terrorists know how it felt

When a mother won't find his son coming from battlefield
When a father loses his son who was his only support
When a sister loses his brother to tie her 'Rakhi'
When a nation loses its bravest hero.. 

I think Time has ripped India
Let's stop this forever or for never, if not today.. 
Let's stop taking credit for that one surgical strike
And pay homage to those souls in true sense! ?