Ishq or love is the same thing but have different meaning for different people it's depend from one person to other view of point. But I think 'love is the inter connection between two body inner soul'. It don't need word's to express each other feelings.

Love can happen to anyone at anytime, any place. Love is a feeling of someone presence when he/she is not actually present. Thinking  and talking about them  all the time. 

How it happen?
Having high heartbeat rate when he/she come closer to you. 
First, we like everything about them. Like to know about there likes and dislikes. Like to know about their nature. Like to spend quality time with them. We try to get separate but actually we are not. They are getting attractive towards each other.

But this is not enough for having true love. True love is very less seen in the world. It is difficult to find out in today's life. True love is never ending. It's a strong bond between two people that can't break by someone else. 

True lovers have to go through so many challenges in the life. 

Two opposite sex who get to know one before other says anything.

The two are ready to give sacrifice for each other without thinking about themselves.

If one is facing haddles in life other motivate how to come out of the situation.

The person who take care of other one before thinking about himself or herself.

Accepting the way they are and respecting each other thinking and thought process.

Saying sorry,thank and gratitude if one had done mistakes.

Leaving the things like money, caste system behind taking care of the pure feelings/love they have for each other.

Not only accepting thereselves but whole family..

True lovers needs to have patience's, calmness, and connection that is unbreakable by other interference.

If there is misunderstanding having trust/faith on each other.

Lovers who can see in each other eyes all the time and can get to know about the feelings.

We can love anyone but true lover never thinks about the world. If anyone is getting hurt by the other thought understanding the reason behind the situation.

Might be in difficult problem of life.

Holding each others hand in the all challenges of life.