my life story

liqea Hill

Hi my name is liqeahill and back in 2012 i was raped at my cousains house one night she called me to come and hang out with her it was her birthday so i got dressed and i had asked my mom to watch my son she said yes and she droped me off at the train station and when i got out there she met me at the bus stop we went to her house and her mom was there watching her kids and the music was playing the kids where running a round and we had a drink and then we left to go to the bar and when we got to the bar we are chilling talking and haveing a drink and then we left and as we are walking back towards her house some dude comes out of no where saying to me your cousain sent me to watch over you which made no sense but anyways he asks to use her bathroom and i can hear him on the phone saying that we was makeing all this money and we had drugs all over the table and then he comes out and two of the guys we grew up with comes walking in they ask to use the mircowave and they are heating up this liquid stuff in a glass jar and they leave and then they came back and stayed for the rest of the night and so i ask my cousain to watch my drink and when i came out she was gone and so i took a sip of my drink i was fine and after that it was black out and then i got a call from my mom saying she seen pics of me on facebook and i didnt look right and i was really confused and so i see the pics and then the police took them off of facebook and i had to a line up and i can only pick out one of the dudes but i do rember seeing a dude there who had a gun and he kept his face coverd up and some how some way i end up in boston at saint franices house and then i woke up in the hospital at tuffts medical center and they was doing a rape kit on me and det anthony dubba was there and some other officer from chelsea police station and my case nerver solved they been sweeping my rape under the