Spain Right Now



- Rivu come here my son , come to me.
- Who are you? I don't know you.
- Can not you know me ?
- No, who are you? Do not like joking okay !
- Hey, I'm your Hema Malini. You forgot your granny easily? It's not fair my son.
- What is it? You're no longer alive. So how are you talking to me?
- Huh ...... if the person dies, does the existence end? Come to me my son...
- No , never ..

Rivu felt jerk . He opened his eyes and saw it in the sky. The atmosphere in the room changes uneasy . The wind is becoming heavy. Rivu realizes that the existence of one person someone is in the neighborhood. Suddenly, the door was opened to him . 

- Who's there?
- Hey, I'm !
- Again you? What do you want ?
- All of you. Not only did you get okay ! 
- What?
- See your parents and grandfather. Now this is just your turn. You're back tomorrow. And now come back to me. You are only my grandson , only mine .
- What are you talking about?
- Why do you fear? You and me are earning.

Rivu trembles when he heard this . Understand and tremble with trembling and trembling. Wanted to scream but can not do it. Someone sniffed someone's voice. Someone holding hands and feet is holding it. He's trying to get out of the house. But the doors of the house are running away from him. You can hear only laughable laughs The four-eyed vision of all fours is coming to dull. In the last sight, only a burnt face is visible.

After a while ...........
     Suddenly, Rivu realized that what he was seeing all this was his nightmare. Something could not unify the leaves of the eyes. Kao could not say. The next night, Rivu went to sleep alone.

Then repeat the incident ...

So was it really a dream, not true ???