Two Divine Souls


Dangerous it was 
The moment she stood
Looking into her eyes
He lost himself
All his consciousness
Were in vain
Ahhh!!..He got that girl
Who'll tighten up the chain
Oceans of dilemmas
He faced that night
How could I tell her?
Am I wrong or right?
Somehow he managed
To win her trust
Told her the truth
And stole her heart
She fell in love with that kind soul
Now both were destined
To dance rock n roll
Their love was like blossoms
Blooming in springs
Dark divine cocktail
Warming in winters
Cool morning freshness
Soothing on summers
Windy blowing air
Healing in autumns
My pen started shivering
Refused to bleed anymore
How rude you are to me!!
Can't you see the sores?
You have given me 
A job for lifelong
This story of two hearts 
Couldn't be completed in short
I can't pen them that much 
I feel so small
Me a petty bleeder 
and those two divine souls.