Sahil Singh

IMAGINE a bank account, in which someone credits 86,400 bucks every morning for you.
But there's a catch that the balance of the account won't be carried forward to the next day.  It means, at the end of the day your left money won't be available for you. Every evening, the money left will be taken back from this account.
What will you do in such a situation?
Surely, you'll take out and use all the money. Isn't it?

     We all have such a bank, which is called TIME.
Every morning, it gives us exactly 86,400 seconds and every night, it takes away all the left seconds from us which we didn't use for any better purpose.
Anything remaining doesn't stay as it is for future. And every morning a new account opens for you with another 86,400 seconds.
If you failed to utilize the daily credited seconds, then they are taken away from you for always.
Now, it's your decision if you want to avail and utilize them all; or you want to waste them.
           Blink, think and begin.

Perfectly use the Time.
Live life to its full.