Being Girl

Kvndm Priyanka

Being Girl

If a girl is traditional , 
  They say oudated
If a girl is classy , 
  They say Values less
If a girl speaks too much , 
  They say she don't how to talk
If a girl speaks less , 
  They say she is too shy to cope up
If a girl stays out of her house , 
  They say she is so bold 
If a girl stays in her house , 
  They say she is frog in the well 
If a girl talks with boys , 
  They say Characterless
If a girl talks only to girls , 
  They say she don't know how to live in society
If a girl is introvert , 
  They Blame for not being Extrovert
If girl is extrovert , 
  They balme for being social

How ever you might be , society will never stop complaining! 

Even when you are perfect , they complain you are fake! 

Don't compromise because of someone's noise!

Being Girl is never e?a?s?y? difficult, when you choose to 'be you & believe you '