Why Cheat India Movie Review

Vishakha Niranjan

Why Cheat India Movie Review,

Well i am not a Emraan Hasmi fan! but my friend Meghna is so i had to go in with her! worst thing about being BFF with her! well in the past when i had to watch Emraan Hasmi movies with her in theater is was fun since the songs are always amazing in his movies. But things turned out a bit different this time. Let's start with the,

Story : A con man decides to take advantage of an academic world where there are very few opportunities and too many aspirants, and only the smartest can survive. From rigging examinations to forging certificates, his schemes will both exploit and expose the failings of an Indian education system fraught with problems.

Well this is in short story of the movie well the last i checked his movie does not have much of a story. But this time it did had a good story along with a great concept! if that was not it this is not a proper Emraan Hasmi movie.

I can say this can be a Emraan Hasmi 2.0 movie. 

well talking about Acting: Emraan has nailed it! this man is more than just some random hero! he has grown so much the way he say dialogues is amazing although i must confess i missed good songs which his movies always carry!

in short if i have to sum things up! 

It is not a preachy not boring but fun and entertaining kind of movie you should definitely watch this over weekend!